A brief update on PITR status:

I've completed successful unit testing of the PostgreSQL client-side
code for the XLogArchive API. Just about to start moving on to pg_arch
and the archiver side code. At this rate, I should have a
system-testable set of patches in around 2 weeks time for the first
phase of PITR. I'll release the code as soon as I can: I'm conscious
that other work may be updating xlog code also and I'm sure the
committers will want some thorough checks before acceptance.

Quick update on overall plan:
Phase 1: xlog archiving api, with functional pg_arch utility
- ETA mid-April
- changes so far to xlog.c, xlog.h, guc.c
- will allow rollforward along extended archive history till-end of
logs, diskspace permitting

Phase 2: add code to control recovery (to a point-in-time)
- should be there by mid-May, though may yield more quickly
- will allow rollforward along extended archive history to point in
time, diskspace permitting

Phase 3: various additional tweaks, suggestions & better documentation
- early June (following some time travelling in May)
- will allow rollforward along extended archive history to point in
time, even when logs > available disk

Is this all still OK for 7.5? (My attempts at cataloguing changes has
fallen by the wayside in concentrating on the more important task of
PITR.) Do we have a planned freeze month yet?

...Those with a wry sense of humour may be interested to know that I
recently lost my hard-drive on my main business workstation. Not
uncommon, I grant you, but in the circumstances I didn't really need the
extra recovery practice...

Best Regards, Simon Riggs

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