Bruce Momjian
Richard Huxton wrote:
On Wednesday 28 January 2004 00:38, Simon Riggs wrote:
POSTGRESQL: Summary of Changes since last release (7.4.1)
All corrections and changes welcome...if this is well received,
then I
will monitor pgsql-commiters to keep track of things.
Speaking as JustAUser (TM) I find this very useful. I always have trouble
keeping track on what may/probably/will appear in upcoming versions
people ask on the lists.
Yes, very nice. We could link to it from the developers page.
Thanks. I'll update it weekly on Tuesdays (suits me best...) up to the
next release and then we can see whether it was useful and worth

Could you help me by suggesting where/how to update it (would it be in
the CVS, or do you want me to just e-mail you/somebody the file?) and
what format would work best (text, HTML, docbook).

I've had comments from a number of others also, so I will include all of
these points into tomorrow's version.

Best regards, Simon

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