Jan Wieck wrote:

have you read src/backend/storage/buffer/README of current CVS tip?
Tom Lane wrote:

Um, did you read the discussion of the ARC buffer management algorithm
that's already been implemented for 7.5?
Tom, Jan,

No, I hadn't read this. Thank you both for your time and trouble to
point this out for me, which I was not aware of.

My understanding, possibly faulty, was that, if work was completed, then
it appears on the TODO list with a dash in front of it. The new cache
management strategy isn't mentioned there, so was not aware that any
work was completed (or even in progress). No finger pointing, just an
observation of how the development process works...

If the TODO-list-with-dash isn't the correct place to have looked, is
there another list of committed changes for the next release? The latest
README in CVS doesn't have a list of "what's new in 7.5" or similar.

Do we need such a list? (I'd be happy to compile and maintain this if it
agreed that it is a good idea to have such a document or process as
separate from TODO - I'll be doing this anyway before I pass further

Regards, Simon

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