"Simon Riggs" <simon@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
If the TODO-list-with-dash isn't the correct place to have looked, is
there another list of committed changes for the next release?
We tend to rely on the CVS commit logs as the definitive source. You
can pull the info from the CVS server (I use cvs2cl.pl to format the
results nicely), or read the archives of pgsql-committers.

In theory there should be a section at the head of release.sgml
mentioning the major changes done-so-far, but for various reasons this
hasn't gotten installed in the 7.5 branch yet. (Look at the CVS
versions during 7.4 development to see how we did it last time.)

As far as the ARC change goes, I believe Jan still considers it a
work-in-progress, so it may not be appropriate to list yet anyway.
(Jan, where are you on that exactly?)
Do we need such a list? (I'd be happy to compile and maintain this if it
agreed that it is a good idea to have such a document or process as
separate from TODO - I'll be doing this anyway before I pass further
If you wanted to go through the existing 7.5 commits and write up a
new done-so-far section, it'd save someone else (like me or Bruce)
from having to do it sometime soon ...

regards, tom lane

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