Tom Lane wrote:
Jan Wieck <> writes:
It seems to me that buffers that are thrown away via
StrategyInvalidateBuffer() do not get their relnode and blocknum cleaned
Mmmm. They definitely should be; if you look at the prior version of
buf_table.c, BufTableDelete did this:

* Clear the buffer's tag. This doesn't matter for the hash table,
* since the buffer is already removed from it, but it ensures that
* sequential searches through the buffer table won't think the buffer
* is still valid for its old page.
buf->tag.rnode.relNode = InvalidOid;
buf->tag.rnode.tblNode = InvalidOid;

I see you removed that from the current version, but the equivalent
thing needs to be done someplace. Is StrategyInvalidateBuffer the
right place?
Yeah, looks like ... but I actually want to have a clean reproduction of
the error before I attempt to fix it. Will look at it deeper.
BTW, it kinda looks like the BM_DELETED flag bit is useless now?
I think so, together with the BM_FREE which was redundant anyway.


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