Value Units
+8 hours
-8 hours
8.0 seconds
8 ?? seconds ??
I would propose that the last example should be interpreted in units of
seconds, but that could be perilously close to the conventions required
for the signed examples. Comments?
Yipes. I do not like the idea that '+8' and '8' yield radically
different results. That's definitely going to create unhappiness.
Yeah, I agree. The ugliness is that an unsigned integer has been
accepted in the past as "seconds", and would seem to be a reasonable
I suggest that the current code is more correct than you think ;-).
ISTM it is a good idea to require a units field, or at least some
punctuation giving a clue about units --- for example I do not object to
'08:00' being interpreted as hours and minutes. But I would be inclined
to reject all four of the forms '+8', '-8', '8.0', and '8' as ambiguous.
Is there something in the SQL spec that requires us to accept them?
Single-field signed integers (and unsigned integers?) must be acceptable
for a time zone specification (pretty sure this is covered in the SQL
spec). Remember that SQL is woefully inadequate for date, time, and time
zone support, but afaicr a signed integer is one of the few things they
do specify ;)

- Thomas

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