From: "Vince Vielhaber" <vev@michvhf.com>
Are you running any kind of filtering software? Procmail or perhaps
something built into OE? Maybe there's a header that you're keying off
of that's dumping the mail to the trash. Around the time of the test
messages was the mail2news gateway stuff, I don't know if there were any
more headers put in tho. (haven't paid attention)
No, I don't have any filters. But even if the mail was dumped to the trash,
I should have seen it there.

I just checked maillog on our primary MX (sendmail 8.9.3). Grepping for
hub.org and postgresql.org produced just 2 entries. Grepping the same log
for freebsd.org produced a few dozen entries which is about the right number
for the traffic there. This evidently rules out any settings local to my
workstation. I tend to believe that majordomo is not even trying to deliver
anything to me.

Is it possible that majordomo2 can automatically consider some domains
"bad" and not deliver? Something like compiling a list of domains where it
once failed to deliver mail?

Gene Sokolov.

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