Peter Eisentraut writes:
A downside is that a pg_dump might refuse to dump a DB that it actually
would work with;
Well, the fact remains that 6.5 (and probably earlier) pg_dump doesn't
work with 7.0 databases unless you fix the getInherits() function to do
different things with different backends. Or what did you mean with "would
actually work"?
I was just speculating about possible future problems. Given the code
I committed last night, a 7.0 pg_dump will refuse to run with a 7.1
database (or vice versa, unless we change the version-checking code
before 7.1 is released). Now maybe that combination would have worked
anyway --- but we don't know yet.

I did put in a switch to override the version check, so if you know it
will work you can use that switch.

regards, tom lane

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