A detailed proposal has now been published for PITR functionality.

I'd like to now request assistance from anybody and everybody that USEs
PostgreSQL, not just hackers, to work out a well-documented and
comprehensive test plan for PITR. (Some have offered, though volunteers
are required, so I would not make individual requests).

Regression tests currently protect PostgreSQL from a range of ugly
situations. PITR will need a similarly rigorous approach, though this
cannot be easily added as regression tests because of the very nature of
the PITR functions and possible failure scenarios.

My suggestion is the coordinated assembly of a comprehensive test plan,
BY USERS, for USERS. When such a test plan document is assembled, the
tests described should be able to be repeated many times by many users
on many platforms, though under a range of workloads, to ensure all bugs
are found and reported.

This is ideally suited to those who USE rather than extend the existing
functionality. You are skilled people whose contribution is gratefully
received in this endeavour.

Based upon the possible failures already identified, it should be
possible to write a set of tests that check for those failure
conditions. In doing so, it may occur to you that other failure
conditions may exist also and it would be good to raise those as
possibilities now.

This ISN'T a call for beta-testers, but a call for assistance in
assembling the list of tests that alpha-testers will be asked to
complete. If you don't understand what I'm asking for, then it may not
yet be time for you to help; however, I am particularly interested in
assistance from those who know they are using relatively obscure parts
of the PostgreSQL product.

Based upon volume of response, you may not receive individual
thanks...but there will be a list of credits somewhere down the line....

Best Regards, Simon Riggs

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