Moshe Jacobson writes:
On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 7:58 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Well, I think you did it wrong, or else you're using a PG version that
predates some necessary fix, because it works for me.
Sorry for the delayed response. I am using postgres 9.1.4 with pg_dump of
the same version.
Ah. I think that you are missing this 9.1.7 fix:

commit 5110a96992e508b220a7a6ab303b0501c4237b4a
Author: Tom Lane <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 12:12:53 2012 -0400

     In pg_dump, dump SEQUENCE SET items in the data not pre-data section.

     Represent a sequence's current value as a separate TableDataInfo dumpable
     object, so that it can be dumped within the data section of the archive
     rather than in pre-data. This fixes an undesirable inconsistency between
     the meanings of "--data-only" and "--section=data", and also fixes dumping
     of sequences that are marked as extension configuration tables, as per a
     report from Marko Kreen back in July. The main cost is that we do one more
     SQL query per sequence, but that's probably not very meaningful in most

     Back-patch to 9.1, since it has the extension configuration issue even
     though not the --section switch.

    regards, tom lane

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