On 28 June 2013 16:09, David Greco wrote:

Yes, renaming the trigger does in fact work. Any thoughts on the theory of
this behavior? i.e. is this ANSI compliant? Or should there be a mechanism
in place that guarantees the FK-enforcement trigger runs after all others?
Hmm, it doesn't conform to the SQL standard, which clarifies that with NOTE
31, p.66 in 4.17.2 though doesn't specifically mention triggers.

We claim conformance to the standard on this.

You can change the name of the constraint that implements the FKs on the
DDL but can't change the names of the underlying triggers except by doing
that directly, which doesn't seem that useful.

Should we have a parameter to define precedence of RI checks? We could hoik
out the triggers and execute them last, or leave them as they are,
depending upon the setting.

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