MarkB wrote:

I have written a program where 2 computers are connected to the same
database. The first PC executes an update statement and then sends a
notification. This makes the second PC execute a select statement on the
same table. The second PC then gets an error:

'Field "Fieldname" not found'

I have no trouble executing this same select statement in other places in
the code or from within PgAdmin.

I wonder how this is possible as an update statement does not change
anything to the tablefields. I added a delay (sleep) in the code and then
the problem does not occur, but this is hardly a solution and makes me
question the stability of other code as long as I am not certain why this
You need to be more specific. Look in the PostgreSQL server log and
copy/paste the exact message, with any related detail, context,
hints, etc., into you next post here. Also please connect with psql
and show the output from running \d for each table used by the


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