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Cliff de Carteret wrote:
On 22 January 2013 16:07, Kevin Grittner wrote:

Cliff de Carteret wrote:
The current setup has been working successfully for several years
until the recent database crash
What file does the server log say it is trying to archive? What
error are you getting? Does that filename already exist on the
archive (or some intermediate location used by the archive command
or script)?
The sever log is (repeated constantly):

LOG: archive command failed with exit code 1
DETAIL: The failed archive command was: test ! -f
/opt/postgres/remote_pgsql/wal_archive/00000001000000A800000078 && cp
WARNING: transaction log file "00000001000000A800000078" could not be
archived: too many failures

The file 00000001000000A800000078 exists in the remote archive's
wal_archive directory. I read a post saying to copy the file over to the
archive and then delete the .ready file to get postgres to move onto the
next file but this ended up logging out saying that a log file was missing.
There are more recent files in this directory but they end at the point
where I reverted all of the changes I made last night when time was running
out and the database had to be put back to a known state.
I would have deleted (or renamed) the copy in the archive
directory. Archiving should have then resumed and cleaned up the
pg_xlog directory.


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