Scott Marlowe wrote:

Honestly as a lazy DBA I have to say it'd be pretty easy to write a
script to convert any unique text index into a unique text index with
a upper() in it. As another poster added, collation ain't free
either. I'd say you should test it to see. My experience tells me
that having an upper() (or lower()) index is not a big performance
hit. If the storage of the index would be too much due to large text
fields then make it a md5(lower()) index, which WILL cost more CPU
wise, but allow for > 3k or so of text in a column to be indexed and
cost less IO wise.
Depending on what sort of search you want to do, it might be dead
simple to use tsearch2 (which is case insensitive) or trigram
indexing (for which a similarity search is case insensitive).


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