I have done this in Delphi using it's built in UTF8 encoding and
decoding routines. You can get a free copy of Delphi
Turbo Explorer
which includes components for MS SQL server and ODBC, so it would be
pretty straight forward to get this working.

The actual method in Delphi is system.UTF8Encode(widestring). This
will encode unicode to UTF8 which is compatible with a
Postgresql UTF8 database.

Ah, that's useful to know. Windows just doesn't have the same
quantity of tools installed as a *nix platform.
If your file is small enough, you can just open it up in Notepad and
re-save it as UTF8. It might play funny with the BOMs though

There is also, IIRC, an iconv binary available for Windows that should
be able to do such a conversion. Can't rememebr where thuogh :-)


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