Nis Jorgensen wrote:
Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
I beleive there is a regexp_replace. In psql, if you type \df you get a
list of all defined functions. The docs have info too.
The function is confusingly not mentioned in the documentation under
"String Functions and Operators", but only under "Pattern Matching". I
would suggest at least adding a reference from the former to the latter.
Docs are updated in CVS HEAD and 8.1.X branches.
If someone with access edits that page, perhaps they can at the same
time move the note "a. The to_ascii function supports conversion from
LATIN1, LATIN2, LATIN9, and WIN1250 encodings only" into the description
field for the function, or at least add an indication that there is a note.
OK, footnote removed and text added to main description:

Convert string to ASCII from another encoding (only supports conversion
from LATIN1, LATIN2, LATIN9, and WIN1250 encodings)

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