On 10/6/05, han.holl@informationslogik.nl wrote:
On Thursday 06 October 2005 18:20, Tom Lane wrote:

No, there's no reason for 8.0 to be slower at this than 7.4, if all else
is equal. I'm betting that all else is not equal. Maybe you are using
a different encoding or locale in the new installation than the old?
Well, I suspect that something is not equal as well. The trouble is I can't
seem to find it.
We're going to replay what happened on a different machine, and hopefully will
find something.
When I went from 7.4 to 8.0 I had queries that were significantly
slower. I had to tweak work_mem to get them to run at reasonable
speed, and then they were faster than 7.4 with default sort_mem.
Can't remember the details of the queries right now.

Han Holl

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