Hm. Do they use query-cancels at all? The reference to async_notify
makes me wonder if this is related to the recently-discovered
async_notify bug that could prevent fast-mode shutdowns. I'm not
certain how that might lead to an apparent deadlock, but a query cancel
arriving during async_notify would surely improve the odds of trouble.
Not that I know of, unless it's for cleanup of queries when quitting the app or other such abort type states.
If you don't mind running a slightly customized version, you might try
back-patching this fix:
into 7.2.4 and see if that improves matters.
I'll give that a shot.
If it doesn't, I'd be interested to look into the matter, but I'd
probably need access to the machine to see what is going on.
That's probably possible, but there are some client confidentiality issues.
Is there anything I can do to debug this? I'm willing to give it a
shot, but I'm also rapidly preparing a single proc linux/intel machine
to take over db duties.
I think you're mistaken to be blaming the hardware...
The linux box is a migration that's being accelerated from this issue. It has more drive, more memory, no app servers, and control of the kernel shared memory parameters.


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