I mentioned this on general a while ago.
I'm not usually there/here, but subscribed recently to avoid annoying
bounce messages from replies to messages cross posted to -hackers. I may
not stay long, since the volume is hard to keep up with.
I had the problem when I dumped my 7.0.3 db to upgrade to 7.1. I had to
modify the dump because there were some 60 seconds in there. It was
obvious in the code in backend/utils/adt/datetime that it was using
sprintf to do the formatting, and sprintf was taking the the float the
represented the seconds and rounding it.

select '2001-07-10 15:39:59.999'::timestamp;
2001-07-10 15:39:60.00-04
(1 row)
Ah, right. I remember that now. Will continue to look at it...

- Thomas

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