Visual Studio has a *very* nice XML editor these days, and they
don't do SGML...

(ok, ok, that's a joke. It's true, sure, but it's not very
Actually it might be for Windows developers wishing to develop
Windows specific sections. How does it work with Docbook?
It works just fine with any XML inlcluding docbook. It does
your basic
syntax highlighting, autoindenting and things like that.
You can teach
it about things like docbook to get autocomplete on tags and
attributes, but I don't know if anybody has done that (I
certainly haven't).

How is it on the point of not introducing random reformatting
into the XML source text?
it doesn't do it, period. Just to be clear, it's a XML *source* editor.
Just like emacs, excpet prettier ;-)

(and just for the record, these days even the GUI editors in Visual
Studio generally do a very good job of not breaking your manually tuned
markup, but there is no GUI editor for docbook)


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