David Fetter wrote:
On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 01:42:10PM -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
momjian@postgresql.org (Bruce Momjian) writes:
o Allow function parameters to be passed by name,
get_employee_salary(emp_id => 12345, tax_year => 2001)
The odds of that syntax getting accepted may not be exactly zero,
but they are certainly vanishingly small. I thought we'd agreed
that a usable syntax would be like get_employee_salary(12345 AS
emp_id, 2001 AS tax_year)
TODO updated, but I thought "=>" was the Oracle syntax.
It is. I understand Tom's concern about not unnecessarily grabbing
operator symbols, but in this case, I believe it's overblown.
Interesting. Seems it is something we will have to discuss when we get
closer to a patch.

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