Em 09-01-2013 20:09, Kevin Grittner escreveu:
Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
There have been discussions about changing that
if I understand it correctly, you do consider it a bug but you
don't want to backport a fix because it might break existent
behavior in some dbs, right?
No, there has been discussion about whether different behavior
would be better in future major releases, but no consensus has been
but we wouldn't treat it as a back-patchable bug fix, because
it would almost certainly break things for somebody.
But it is not clear to me if you're willing to fix it for 9.2.3
for instance?
Back-patching means changing things in a minor release, where
things only change after the second dot. We don't make changes in
user-visible behavior like this in minor releases; so no, we would
not make a change like this in 9.2.3 or any other 9.2 version.
Ok, thanks for the explanation, Kevin.

I'm curious though. Why wouldn't this behavior be considered a bug? Is
there any link to previous discussions about this subject that I could read?

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