Tom Lane wrote:
OK, I'm a bit confused by the obfuscation here. The table with the
duplicates is xxx, or qqq?
Yes, xxx is the broken table. The two rewrite rules map updates on a
view to an underlying table (the broken one).

Updates on the view occur very frequently. Perhaps 400,000 per day? And,
sadly, 200,000 of those on this one row.
Which one is the trigger attached to?
zzz is a view I suppose?
The trigger is attached to yet another table; when an insert or update
occurs in this third table, a date field on xxx is updated.

Updates/inserts on this happen less frequently -- perhaps low 10's of
thousands per day.

I had forgotten about the view/rewrite rules until I looked again at the
db source (I thought they were triggers). These are the source of 90% of
the updates.

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