Josh Berkus wrote:
Peter Headland wrote:
Excuse my ignorance - I didn't understand the reference to 50-line
queries in the original version of the new flyer. I assume that
no-one thinks 50 lines of text is indicative of an especially complex
query, so what did that mean?
Just *try* to run a 50-line query (with multiple subselects, etc.) on
MySQL or SQLite.
Ah. I'm used to seeing queries with several hundred (long, dense, and
unreadable) lines that run just fine on Oracle, so the "50 lines" thing
made me wonder "if they think that's complex, maybe they can't handle
the really heavy stuff" - IOW, the opposite of what was intended.
Fortunately, that part is not in the final version of the document, so
it's moot.

I guess it's tricky to write a single document that hits all the right
notes with both the Oracle and MySQL crowds...

Peter Headland

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