Richard Broersma wrote:
I used to kringe when PostgreSQL articles were posted on Slashdot. It
seemed that so many liked to spread FUD about how slow PostgreSQL was.

However it seems that MySQL is getting the FUD now and everyone seems
to have forgotten about the PostgreSQL FUD.

I'm not sure this qualifies as FUD. I mean, generally FUD implies that
the problems are illegitimate- the classic example was the IBM salesman
warning customers to beware of being locked into an open solution. This
problem (the possibility/probability that Sun will close-source all or
part of MySQL) is a legitimate concern. They're legally entitled to,
and there is a financial argument in favor of them doing it (they need
to better "leverage" their IP to help pay for the cost of buying the
company). Personally, I think it'll backfire, and destroy MySQL's
popularity (especially considering there is a free, fast, *superior*
solution out there for people to switch to). Five years ago, when MySQL
still had a significant performance advantage, maybe it'd have worked,
but not now. But in any case, the possibility that Sun will do this is
a real, legitimate concern, and thus not FUD, for MySQL users.


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