Here is something as a start point:

PostgreSQL 8.2 contains more than 180 new features and enhancements
contributed by almost 70 developers.
This release adds significant functionality and performance improvements
that were requested by users, including:

* Query language enhancements including INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE
RETURNING, multirow VALUES lists, and optional target-table alias in
* Index creation without blocking concurrent INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE
* Many query optimization improvements, including support for
reordering outer joins
* Improved sorting performance with lower memory usage
* More efficient locking with better concurrency
* More efficient vacuuming
* Easier administration of warm standby servers
* New FILLFACTOR support for tables and indexes
* Monitoring, logging, and performance tuning additions
* More control over creating and dropping objects
* Table inheritance relationships can be defined for and removed
from pre-existing tables
* COPY TO can copy the output of an arbitrary SELECT statement
* Array improvements, including nulls in arrays
* Aggregate-function improvements, including multiple-input
aggregates and SQL:2003 statistical functions
* Many contrib/ improvements

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From: Devrim GUNDUZ <>
Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2006 10:53 am
Subject: [pgsql-advocacy] Update needed for what's new? page
To: "" <>

We need to update today,
before8.2 will be officially released.

Is there someone on this list who can quickly prepare a text for this?
You can use

for this.

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