Joshua D. Drake wrote:
We can debate about whether the license should be mentioned in the
release or not, but I definitely think that there's still a whole lot of
people who should be educated about our license and what it means to
I agree with Jim here. We don't have to make a big deal in the release
but it should be
mentioned. A simple one liner:

PostgreSQL is licensed under the truly free BSD license.

Yes it is a little flame bait but it works.
I'm following an "embedded" project where we are going to use Postgresql,
before my join the idea was to use MySQL because the general idea was:
it's free. I spent some days before to make them understand that MySQL for
their project was not free and in the other side Posgresql is, in last
periods arguments as: MySQL doesn't have transaction doesn't work anymore.

Unfortunatelly is common believing that GNU, BSD, GPL licenses are totally
free. I think it's better specify that with Postgres you can do whatever
you want without any obligation of any sort now and for ever.

Gaetano Mendola

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