I'm the administrator of lbdpc15.epfl.ch and mirroring postgresql for
switzerland since now 4 years.

Why has been ch.postgresql.org and ftp.ch.postgresql.org been removed from your
DNS and www.ch.postgresql.org been redirected to a commercial enterprise ???

I'm also no more able to rsync from lbdpc15 as you can see:
[root@lbdpc15 /root]# /usr/bin/rsync -avz --delete
rsync.postgresql.org::pgsql-ftp /server/ftp/mirror/postgresql
@ERROR: access denied to pgsql-ftp from lbdpc15.epfl.ch (
[root@lbdpc15 /root]# /usr/bin/rsync -avz --delete
rsync.postgresql.org::pgsql-www /server/htdocs/mirror/postgresql
@ERROR: access denied to pgsql-www from lbdpc15.epfl.ch (

And another strange thing is that you are still advertising ch mirror as hosted
by DataBase Laboratory ... ? (in fact, your mirror listing is screwed:
ftp:ch.postgresql.org leads to nowhere, and www.ch.postgresql.org doesn't refer
any host in the database laboratory

Does this mean you are transferring your interests from academic to industry ?

I'm a little bit surprised to discover this very suddently and without any other
announcement !


Philippe Rochat, (Yahoo-id:philipperochat) EPFL DI-LBD
Database Laboratory CH-1015 LAUSANNE
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) tel:++41 21 693 52 53
Beep-EPFL: 181 4644 fax:++41 21 693 51 95
Private: Grammont, 9 1007 LAUSANNE tel:++41 21 617 03 05
mailto:Philippe.Rochat@epfl.ch GSM:++41 76 384 52 53

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