I'm copying a couple other prospective speakers here (you two please see
thread history below):

David Wheeler
Merlin Moncure

So, as the Professor would say, good news everybody! We now have two
offical Bronze Sponsors:

Jon Erdman - $500
Jim Nasby - $500

This generous contribution by these two pillars of the postgres
community (*cough*) will allow us to secure our venue today, or at least
get the wheels in motion. As a result, those of you who've said they'll
speak are safe to start planning your trip, as it is now definitely
going to happen! We have the call in to the venue and when we get the
contract signed I'll let you know so we can get plane tickets reserved.

Stay tuned...
- --
Jon T Erdman (aka StuckMojo)
PostgreSQL Zealot
On 02/03/2012 09:21 AM, Jon Erdman wrote:
Hash: SHA1

I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that we are expecting to pick up
the airfare and hotel for out of town speakers, except perhaps Magnus
(assuming he comes) since he's coming from Europe, but for him we hope
to work something out with the NYC PGDay team where we share that cost
between the two events.

The sponsorship situation will determine how many speakers we can
swing, and so far we've definitely got money from Enova, and very
likely PG.us, and hopefully VMWare. We'll be reaching out to other
potential sponsors as things solidify.

Stay tuned, and please let us know if you would like to speak (a few
of you already have). Oh, and please include Jim Nasby on replies
related to speaking.
- --
Jon T Erdman (aka StuckMojo)
PostgreSQL Zealot
On 02/02/2012 08:33 PM, Jon Erdman wrote:

So I was chatting on IRC today, and guess who's interested? The
illustrious Andrew Dunstan, and he's already got a talk on
pg+json+plv8 which would be quite a cool topic, based on the plv8
talk I went to in Amsterdam by Will Leinweber from Heroku.

I've copied him here, as well as a few other usual suspects as
prospective speakers:

Andrew Dunstan
Steven Frost
Josh Berkus
Greg Smith
David Fetter (already said he can't make it)
Joe Conway (same, but who knows?)
Bruce Momjian (tentatively committed)
Magnus Hagander
Josh Drake
Jonathan Katz
Will Leinweber
Rob Brucks (Local Rackspace DBA)
Corey Horton (Local Dell MessageOne DBA)

For those of you that don't know, we're looking to have it on
3/28/2012 and it looks like we've found a venue for 100 people in
a classroom setting for only $350 (Katz I know you hate me right
now!) in nice a hotel with reasonable rooms @ $139/night. As a
result we might be able to bring in more speakers than we
originally thought, depending on how much more sponsorship we can
pick up.

Those of you who think you'd like to speak, please reply! If you
can think of anyone else you might be interested, please forward

FYI Average high temps in Austin on 3/28 are 75F with a record of
98F ;)
Jon Erdman (aka StuckMojo)
PostgreSQL Zealot

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