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Subject: Re: PG "Corridor Days" Kickoff
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 16:29:15 -0500
From: Jonathan S. Katz <jonathan.katz@excoventures.com>
To: Robert Treat <rob@xzilla.net>, Jim Mlodgenski <jim@cirrusql.com>,
Mason Sharp <mason.sharp@gmail.com>, Greg Smith <greg@2ndquadrant.com>,
Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net>
CC: postgresql@thewickedtribe.net

Hey All,

Spoke with Erdman (looping him in on the email chain) - he's going to
plan for Austin on 3/23.

So if I don't hear back from anyone in the next 24 hours with strong
objections, these are the confirmed dates:

Fri 3/23/2012 - Austin
Mon 3/26/2012 - NY
Wed 3/28/2012 - Philly
Fri 3/30/2012 - DC


* Getting a website up. I'll talk to Magnus about where we could have a
splash page up before the new PUGS site is complete. That way we can
have info about the conferences, signup for preregistration, CFP.
* Making an announcement (would like to do by the end of the week)
* Budgeting
* I'll start getting info for space in NY for 2 rooms + reg desk +
sponsor desksfor ~100ppl - can somebodies volunteer to do that for DC/PA?
* I have a request for a "Corridor Days" logo in - elephant conducting a
train. I figure we do a "Corridor Days" campaign but target people into
their local conferences, and then do marketing for individual cities.
* Pricing
* Use the EU model:
* Early Bird / Standard / Pay @ the Door
* Student
* If we had more tracks per each conf, we could do a "corridor pass" but
that does not make sense...
* Train Party: We should get a group to go by train to each city and
have a train party similar to that in "Trading Places"

We're beyond kickoff now - let's get rolling,


On Nov 25, 2011, at 10:31 AM, Jonathan S. Katz wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
On Nov 22, 2011, at 3:54 PM, Robert Treat wrote:

Well asides from the room we need:

* Volunteers
* Registration desk
* PG Desk (PG.EU <http://PG.EU> had a desk promoting itself +
selling items)
* room moderators
* tactical troubleshooting
* Food / drink (providing lunch would be a plus)

The primary effort is just day-of coordination. It probably will
not be too bad if it's just a day long conference, but we will be
doing this up to 3 times in a short amount of time on the east
coast. My bigger concern is not the day-of work, but the peripherals:

* name tags
* programs
* coordinating services (food, a/v)
* scheduling (esp. last minute cancellations, issues)

Which if we run into problems with those, we might have to
coordinate remotely. I'm sure we'll have a solid plan of attack,
but I want to throw out some of the issues.
Yeah, this is a great list, and gives us something to work towards.
Making me think we should try to find someone local for each one who
wont be traveling "with the band". We might also want to think of
setting up an account through PG.US <http://PG.US> for eventbrite,
which might help
simplify some of this (I think you used it for PostgresOpen, no? We
used it for Surge. Seems nice.)
I'm not sure what PGOpen did - but if it simplifies the process we
should do it.
Given the focus toward 1 day local events, I don't care about people
from the EU. I'd ask Erdman if he has a preference.. I see options of
either March 16th or 17th, depending on if he prefers Friday or
Saturday, or March 25th or 26th, depending on if he prefers Sunday or
Monday. I know personally I'd prefer Austin at the end of the cycle,
but I'm not married to it. (I'll not that 10Gen does all of their
Mongo days on Weekdays. That might be coincidence, but I wouldn't be
surprised if there was research behind it).
In combination with what Jim + Steve said, let's stick to weekdays.

I say let's go with:

3/26 - NYC
3/28 - PA (making sure that either Bruce or Haas can hold the fort)
3/30 - DC

I'll make a wiki page today (I'd much rather make a Google doc but
I'll use community resources) outlining the discussion so we can
prepare an announcement soon.

Jonathan S. Katz | Managing Director | jonathan.katz@excoventures.com

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