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Subject: Re: in response to finding overlapping records
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 16:46:42 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael Alaimo <malaimo@sesda2.com>
To: Jon Erdman <jon@progressivepractice.com>
References: <48435.>

Michael Alaimo wrote:
Hello Jon,

I was reading the mail archives located here:

I cannot seem to get the same results with your query as with overlaps.
Are you sure thats what was in the book SQL for smarties?

Just checking. I am having a really difficult time with overlaps and no
index support..... My queries are dragging.
Ummm...I may have done it slightly different than OVERLAPS as far as
inclusive vs exclusive (i.e. >= vs >)...let me check...actually it looks
like I did it right. Could you send me your table definitions and the
two versions of the queries you're using? As well as an example of the
differing results?

Hmm, upon further inspection, he does mention that: "please remember
that the BETWEEN predicate will include the end point of an interval,
and the OVERLAPS predicate will not."

He also says: The result of the <overlaps predicate> is formally defined
as the result of the following expression:

(s1 > s2 AND NOT (s1 >= t2 AND t1 >= t2))
OR (s2 > s1 AND NOT (s2 >= t1 AND t2 >= t1))
OR (s1 = s2 AND (t1 <> t2 OR t1 = t2))

where s1 and s2 are the starting times of the two time periods, and t1
and t2 are their termination times.

Jon T Erdman

Chief Information Officer voice: (210) 400-5717
Progressive Practice, Inc. jon@progressivepractice.com
P.O. Box 17288 www.progressivepractice.com
Rochester, NY 14617

Hello Jon,

Thanks for the reply! Your more in depth solution helped me use your
solution posted on the web. It works like a charm now. Its all fast just
like you said :)

Much thanks.


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