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Hello again,

Have anyone ever used this tableInserter?
if it is not possible to insert new tuple in already existing table, so
regarding your expereince do you think it will be possible to merge two
Zebra tables (files) for example part-0 and part-1 together? if yes how can
I do that?

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions,



On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 2:10 AM, Baraa Mohamad wrote:

Hello Pig Users,

As the title indicates, I want to insert a new tuples into existing Zebra

I have the table patientData/CG0/ which already has some tuples/rows. I
tried to use the Table Inserter as follows:

BasicTable.Writer writer = new BasicTable.Writer(TablePath, conf);
TableInserter inserter = writer.getInserter("part-0", true);
BytesWritable key = new BytesWritable();

Tuple row = TypesUtils.createTuple(2); row.set(0, "Name1");
row.set(1, "Name2");

inserter.insert(key, row);

This works properly, but this method overwrites my data and it seems that
it creates a new table and inserts my tuple on it.

My question, is how I can insert a new tuples/rows in an already existing
Zebra Table/file ? If this is not possible what I can do in this case??

I really need your appreciated help,

Best Regards,



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