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Hello Pig Users,

As the title indicates, I want to insert a new tuples into existing Zebra

I have the table patientData/CG0/ which already has some tuples/rows. I
tried to use the Table Inserter as follows:

BasicTable.Writer writer = new BasicTable.Writer(TablePath, conf);
TableInserter inserter = writer.getInserter("part-0", true);
BytesWritable key = new BytesWritable();

Tuple row = TypesUtils.createTuple(2); row.set(0, "Name1");
row.set(1, "Name2");

inserter.insert(key, row);

This works properly, but this method overwrites my data and it seems that
it creates a new table and inserts my tuple on it.

My question, is how I can insert a new tuples/rows in an already existing
Zebra Table/file ? If this is not possible what I can do in this case??

I really need your appreciated help,

Best Regards,


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