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What version of Pig are you using and what errors are you seeing?

There was PIG-1870 related to projections that might apply, but I can't say
so for sure. If that's the case it should work if you disable the new
logical plan with -Dusenewloginalplan=false.

Also, you might try specifying pig_test as 'hbase://pig_test'. I recall
another JIRA about that as well.
On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 12:40 PM, sulabh choudhury wrote:

I have been trying to Store data in HBase suing HbaseStorage class. While I
can store the original read data, it fails when I try to store the
Which means I might be messing up the datatypes somewhere.

My script below is :-

--REGISTER myudfs.jar
--A = load 'hbase://transaction' using
org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.hbase.HBaseStorage('log:ref2', '-loadKey') AS
(row:chararray, code:chararray) ;
--grp = group A by myudfs.Parser(code);
--ct = foreach grp generate group,COUNT(A.code) as count;

--sorted = order ct by count desc;
--result = foreach sorted generate $0 as row,(chararray)$1;
--store result into 'pig_test' USING

The dump of "result" works but the store to Hbase fails.
WHen I try to store A it works fine.

Datatypes of A and result are :-
A: {row: chararray,code: chararray}
result: {row: chararray,count: chararray}

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