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So I'm running into something strange. Consider the following code:

tfidf_all = LOAD '$TFIDF' AS (doc_id:chararray, token:chararray,
grouped = GROUP tfidf_all BY doc_id;
vectors = FOREACH grouped GENERATE group AS doc_id, tfidf_all.(token,
weight) AS vector;
DUMP vectors;

This, of course, runs just fine. tfidf_all contains 1,428,280 records.
The reduce output records should be exactly the number of documents,
which turn out to be 18,863 in this case. All well and good.

The strangeness comes when I add a SAMPLE command:

sampled = SAMPLE vectors 0.0012;
DUMP sampled;

Running this results in 1,513 reduce output records. So, am I insane or
shouldn't the reduce output records be much much closer to 22 or 23
records (eg. 0.0012*18863)?


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