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Shouldn't you have to do it in another table? Add one more step?

fullprep = FOREACH joined GENERATE $0 AS smsgram,$1 AS smscount,$2 AS
webgram,$3 AS webcount;

addedStep = FOREACH fullprep $0,$1,$2,$3, SUM(fullprep.$1 + fullprep.$3) as sumCount;

Just my 2c

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From: Brian Adams
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 6:11 PM
Subject: Re: Sum Null Column

The Current line I have is this:
fullprep = FOREACH joined GENERATE $0 AS smsgram,$1 AS smscount,$2 AS
webgram,$3 AS webcount,SUM((int)$1,(int)$3) AS sumcount;

I get the error:
ERROR 1045: Could not infer the matching function for
org.apache.pig.builtin.SUM as multiple or none of them fit. Please use
an explicit cast.

I tried the conditional earlier and it didnt seem to work.
On Tue, 2010-07-06 at 15:04 -0700, Dmitriy Ryaboy wrote:
you can run a replacement loop if you want:

zeroes = foreach foo generate ( x is null ? 0 : x) as x;

or if you are dealing with empties instead of nulls
zeroes = foreach foo generate (IsEmpty(x) ? 0 : x) as x;
On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 2:57 PM, Wilkes, Chris wrote:

SUM($1,$3) doesn't work? If the column is a non-double then it is
converted to a 0.

On Jul 6, 2010, at 2:47 PM, Brian Adams wrote:

So I asked a question earlier, but figured it wasn't very clear and thus
less likely to get answered, so here goes.

I have 2 sources with seperate ngrams and counts and after doing a full
out join i get:

Example with numbers:
null/empty, null/empty,mouse,10

If i want to sum up $1 with $3 the first row would give me

However, when I cat the results out, the second row looks like

And Lastly, the 3rd appears like

So if there is not a count in position $1 or $3, then I cannot add them

How do I replace the emtpy with a 0 so I can perform the summation in
the last column?

Desired Output:

Thanks guys.

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