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HI all,

I had a Pig script that worked completely fine. I called a memory intensive UDF that brought some 600 MB data into each mapper. However, I was able to process and write results. My mapper memory is 4096 MB. My HDFS block size is 128 MB.

My input dataset (on a given date) is big enough to cause some 960 mappers.

A = load 'input data set' ..;
B = load 'smaller data set'..;
C = JOIN A by key, B by key using "replicated";
D = foreach C generate field1, MyUDF(field2) as field2;
E = store D into 'deleteme';

As you can see it is a Map only process. My output is some 960 part files with each file being around 25-35 MB.

I do processing for each day. I now have a requirement to merge the results of the above processing with results from another date and store unique results.

I added the following lines
F = 'load previous date data'..;
G = union E, F;
H = distinct G parallel $X;
store H into 'deleteme_H';

When I add these steps to my process I get errors like "Java heap issue" in the mapper phase. I made F to be a null data set but I am still getting the same error. I wonder why I am getting "Java heap" errors. Is the solution to increase the mapper memory further down?


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