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Hi Jeff,

When you say server and client, do you mean my master machine and slave

And my master and slave share the same version of hadoop, I copied and
pasted from the same flash drive.

Thank you,


2009/7/19 zhang jianfeng <>
It looks like the versions of client and server is not the same.

This is version number explanation from hadoop source code:

* Version 6: change the counters representation for HADOOP-2248
* Version 7: added getAllJobs for HADOOP-2487
* Version 8: change {job|task}id's to use corresponding objects rather
that strings.
* Version 9: change the counter representation for HADOOP-1915
* Version 10: added getSystemDir for HADOOP-3135
* Version 11: changed JobProfile to include the queue name for
* Version 12: Added getCleanupTaskReports and
* cleanupProgress to JobStatus as part of HADOOP-3150
* Version 13: Added getJobQueueInfos and getJobQueueInfo(queue name)
* and getAllJobs(queue) as a part of HADOOP-3930
* Version 14: Added setPriority for HADOOP-4124
* Version 15: Added KILLED status to JobStatus as part of
* Version 16: Added getSetupTaskReports and

You'd better copy the same version hadoop to server and client to make them

Jeff Zhang
On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 11:56 AM, George Pang wrote:

Yes, it is, and it was fine with a single-node cluster.


2009/7/19 zhangjiayin <>
George Pang wrote:
Dear users,

My pig 0.3.0 and hadoop-0.18.3 worked fine with single node cluster,
after I change to a 2 - nodes cluster, I got this error as I ran pig:

*org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RPC$VersionMismatch: Protocol
org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobSubmissionProtocol version mismatch.
11, server = 10)*

Among my environment variables: PIG_HADOOP_VERSION=18

Did I miss any thing? Thank you in advance.


do you sure the hadoop run in cluster is hadoop-0.18.3

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