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PIG-252 ( address this issue.

Instead of using union, you can try this:

Raw = LOAD '$inputPathprefix{1,2,3,4}/*' using PigStorage('\t');

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Subject: Specifying multiple input paths in LOAD command

Hi all,

We have a facility in hadoop where we can specify multiple input paths.
Does this exist in Pig? Essentially, Is it possible to specify multiple
paths in load command? For example, I have n number of input paths which
I need to load for processing. The only possibility that I can see right
now is to use n variables using n load commands and do an union at the

For ex:

Raw1 = LOAD '$inputPath1/*' using PigStorage('\t');

Raw2 = LOAD '$inputPath2/*' using PigStorage('\t');





Rawn = LOAD '$inputPathn/*' using PigStorage('\t');

Raw = UNION Raw1,Raw2,....RawN

Can anyone kindly let me know if there is a simpler way of doing it in
single LOAD line or something like that?



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