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Hello Pig list,

I wish I could count myself among "pig users" but at this point my experience is that small test files work well, but pig will generally complain when presented with real data. When pig complains, it is difficult to tell why.

The most dreaded error that I do not understand is the "Unable to open iterator" error where pig will run for a while then fail in the reducer steps. Can you recommend steps on how to determine the cause for this error and how to fix?

Another problem I run into is that sometimes I can register UDF jar files, and at other times Pig refuses to read the jar file. I don't believe the jar file to be at fault. To illustrate this point, below I try to register the tutorial.jar file that is distributed with pig.

grunt> register tutorial.jar
2009-03-17 13:57:53,430 [main] ERROR - Can't read jar file: tutorial.jar
at org.apache.pig.PigServer.registerJar(
at org.apache.pig.Main.main(

2009-03-17 13:57:53,430 [main] ERROR - Can't read jar file: tutorial.jar

Note that the tutorial.jar file is readily visible via ls and the file was put into hdfs via copyFromLocal. I have tried permissions of 777 and 775 on the jar file and it does not resolve the issue.

My feeling is that until pig becomes more user-friendly, fewer people will use it.

Thanks for your help.


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