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Hi Burakk,
The general idea of making graph processing easier is a good one. I'm not
sure what exactly you are proposing to do, though. Could you be more
detailed about what you are thinking?

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 1:28 PM, burakkk wrote:

I might be a little bit late. I come up with a new idea for the last
minute. Currently I'm working on social graph processing. I think we can
implement a solution for pig. With this idea I'm thinking to apply the
GSOC 2013 so that I can do some tasks about it. Is there any mentor to do
it with me? Is there any suggestion? :)

Of course I can improve some join operations. I'm not sure is there any
implementation about fuzzy joins for instance. These are the papers that I

Fuzzy Joins Using MapReduce

Dimension independent similarity computation

MapReduce is Good Enough? If All You Have is a Hammer, Throw Away
Everything That’s Not a Nail!

Large Graph Processing in the Cloud


Best regards..



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