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hi all
please I can do nothing I get always this error

ERROR 1000: Error during parsing. Encountered " <IDENTIFIER> "java "" at
line 1, column 1.

this is my script

A = load 'H:/apps/Pig/brain.xml' using as (x:chararray);
dump A;

and this is my xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<attr tag="00020000" vr="UL" len="4">180</attr>
<attr tag="00020001" vr="OB" len="2">00\01</attr>
<attr tag="00020002" vr="UI" len="26">1.2.840.10008.</attr>
<attr tag="00020003" vr="UI"
<attr tag="00020010" vr="UI" len="20">1.2.840.10008.1.2.1</attr>
<attr tag="00020012" vr="UI" len="8"></attr>
<attr tag="00020013" vr="SH" len="12">NOTSPECIFIED</attr>
<attr tag="00020016" vr="AE" len="12">NOTSPECIFIED</attr>
<attr tag="00080008" vr="CS" len="20">ORIGINAL\PRIMARY\MPR</attr>
<attr tag="00080016" vr="UI" len="26">1.2.840.10008.</attr>
<attr tag="00080018" vr="UI"
<attr tag="00080020" vr="DA" len="8">20010316</attr>
<attr tag="00080021" vr="DA" len="8">20010316</attr>
<attr tag="00080022" vr="DA" len="8">20010316</attr>
<attr tag="00080023" vr="DA" len="8">20010323</attr>
<attr tag="00080030" vr="TM" len="6">143008</attr>
<attr tag="00080031" vr="TM" len="6">143414</attr>
<attr tag="00080032" vr="TM" len="6">143415</attr>
<attr tag="00080033" vr="TM" len="6">143014</attr>
<attr tag="00080050" vr="SH" len="0"/>
<attr tag="00080060" vr="CS" len="2">MR</attr>
<attr tag="00080070" vr="LO" len="18">GE Medical Systems</attr>
<attr tag="00080080" vr="LO" len="28"/>
<attr tag="00080090" vr="PN" len="4"/>
<attr tag="00081010" vr="SH" len="4">MRS1</attr>
<attr tag="00081030" vr="LO" len="6">BRAIN</attr>
<attr tag="0008103E" vr="LO" len="16">FSE PD AXIAL OBL</attr>
<attr tag="00081050" vr="PN" len="6"/>
<attr tag="00081070" vr="PN" len="2">EC</attr>
<attr tag="00081090" vr="LO" len="6">SIGNA</attr>
<attr tag="00100010" vr="PN" len="14"/>
<attr tag="00100020" vr="LO" len="6">123565</attr>
<attr tag="00100030" vr="DA" len="0"/>
<attr tag="00100040" vr="CS" len="2">F</attr>
<attr tag="00101010" vr="AS" len="4">028Y</attr>
<attr tag="00101030" vr="DS" len="8">61.2350</attr>
<attr tag="001021B0" vr="LT" len="0"/>
<attr tag="00180020" vr="CS" len="2">SE</attr>
<attr tag="00180021" vr="CS" len="2">SK</attr>
<attr tag="00180022" vr="CS" len="2">SP</attr>
<attr tag="00180023" vr="CS" len="2">2D</attr>
<attr tag="00180024" vr="SH" len="4">fse</attr>
<attr tag="00180050" vr="DS" len="8">5.00000</attr>
<attr tag="00180080" vr="DS" len="8">2300.00</attr>
<attr tag="00180081" vr="DS" len="8">22.0000</attr>
<attr tag="00180083" vr="DS" len="8">1.00000</attr>
<attr tag="00180084" vr="DS" len="8">63.8615</attr>
<attr tag="00180086" vr="IS" len="2">1</attr>
<attr tag="00180087" vr="DS" len="8">1.50000</attr>
<attr tag="00180088" vr="DS" len="8">2.00000</attr>
<attr tag="00180089" vr="IS" len="4">256</attr>
<attr tag="00180091" vr="IS" len="2">8</attr>
<attr tag="00180095" vr="DS" len="8">31.2500</attr>
<attr tag="00181020" vr="LO" len="2">3</attr>
<attr tag="00181030" vr="LO" len="14">CLINICAL BRAIN</attr>
<attr tag="00181088" vr="IS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00181090" vr="IS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00181094" vr="IS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00181100" vr="DS" len="8">220.000</attr>
<attr tag="00181250" vr="SH" len="4">HEAD</attr>
<attr tag="00181310" vr="US" len="8">0\256\256\0</attr>
<attr tag="00181312" vr="CS" len="4">ROW</attr>
<attr tag="00181314" vr="DS" len="2">90</attr>
<attr tag="00181316" vr="DS" len="10">0.0313309</attr>
<attr tag="00185100" vr="CS" len="4">HFS</attr>
<attr tag="0020000D" vr="UI"
<attr tag="0020000E" vr="UI"
<attr tag="00200010" vr="SH" len="4">8811</attr>
<attr tag="00200011" vr="IS" len="2">2</attr>
<attr tag="00200012" vr="IS" len="6">31754</attr>
<attr tag="00200013" vr="IS" len="2">11</attr>
<attr tag="00200020" vr="CS" len="4">L\PH</attr>
<attr tag="00200030" vr="DS" len="26">-110.500\-87.7063\-3.35753</attr>
<attr tag="00200032" vr="DS" len="26">-110.500\-87.7063\-3.35753</attr>
<attr tag="00200035" vr="DS"
<attr tag="00200037" vr="DS"
<attr tag="00200052" vr="UI"
<attr tag="00201002" vr="IS" len="2">1</attr>
<attr tag="00201040" vr="LO" len="2">NA</attr>
<attr tag="00201041" vr="DS" len="8">11.4000</attr>
<attr tag="00280002" vr="US" len="2">1</attr>
<attr tag="00280004" vr="CS" len="12">MONOCHROME2</attr>
<attr tag="00280010" vr="US" len="2">256</attr>
<attr tag="00280011" vr="US" len="2">256</attr>
<attr tag="00280030" vr="DS" len="18">0.859375\0.859375</attr>
<attr tag="00280100" vr="US" len="2">16</attr>
<attr tag="00280101" vr="US" len="2">16</attr>
<attr tag="00280102" vr="US" len="2">15</attr>
<attr tag="00280103" vr="US" len="2">1</attr>
<attr tag="00280106" vr="SS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00280107" vr="SS" len="2">901</attr>
<attr tag="00280120" vr="SS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00281050" vr="DS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00281051" vr="DS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00281052" vr="DS" len="2">0</attr>
<attr tag="00281053" vr="DS" len="2">1</attr>
<attr tag="00281054" vr="LO" len="28">SIGNAL INTENSITY (UNITLESS)</attr>

and in fact I tried another scripts that was working few weeks ago and now
they give me the same error
please what is the problem ?? I need your help

best regards


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