In article <001a01c08541$85ee0170$2b4db280@lbdpc11>,
Philippe.Rochat@epfl.ch wrote:
Who is in charge of site.inc and decided that ch.php.net default
language would be 'de' ?????
just another dumb american. i've cc'ed the maintainer of the ch.php.net
mirror, and will leave it up to them to select the default language for
their mirror.

(in the not-too-distant future, you'll be able to select your own default

*FUME* (tout faux ! in french !)

Correct this asap in english or at least french, but we are definitly
not speaking german around here ! (the german part of switzerland
decided not learn anymore french but english at elementary school, then
english might be considered as the best comprise for whole switzerland
... but german is a badly hurting choice)

Ph.R. (who is speaking french in a french engeneer school in the french
part of switzerland ;-)

Philippe Rochat, (Yahoo-id:philipperochat) EPFL DI-LBD Database
Laboratory CH-1015 LAUSANNE Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
(EPFL) tel:++41 21 693 52 53 Beep-EPFL: 181 4644 fax:++41 21 693 51
95 Private: Grammont, 9 1007 LAUSANNE tel:++41 21 617 03 05
mailto:Philippe.Rochat@epfl.ch GSM:++41 76 384 52 53

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