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Hi internals,

PHP 7 leverages a lot the performance internally and many PHP applications
in the wild. Much of these improvement came by experimentation through
PHPNG and the usage of efficient data structures internally. This idea of
performance improvements are crucial to handle more requests, reduce server
overload, etc.

However, what lacks in PHP is the exposure of more efficient, use case
specific data structures, that could allow end users to easily improve
performance of their applications, instead of using a general,
multi-purpose data structure that we have as "array".

Based on that (please keep in mind I haven't spoken with library author),
I'd like assess the receptability of incorporating php-ds library into core.
Library author wrote a good (and lengthy) article explaining his
and performance benchmarks around it. Here are the related links:

Extension: https://github.com/php-ds/extension
Polyfill: https://github.com/php-ds/polyfill
Tests: https://github.com/php-ds/tests
Benchmark: https://github.com/php-ds/benchmarks
I like this ext. Good work.

However I am not a fan to include as is. Many duplicates with spl. And we
know too well that (standard)pl is a kind of a mess as it gets everything
possible without too much thoughts about consistent APIs or if it makes
sense. Or if one part fits better in the engine directly.

Adding yet another extension to achieve similar goals, even if it is
better, is not going to help to improve the situation, in contrary.

I would prefer to discuss each structure individually to see if we need it,
where it should be and how it should be done from an api pov.


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