On Mar 21, 2016 12:53 PM, "Daniel Beardsley" wrote:
T_ECHO (echo, <?=) and T_PRINT (print) now both emit a
ZEND_AST_ECHO_ESCAPE node in the syntax tree.
Interesting approach, I assume an explicit `echo $foo;` takes the
normal ZEND_ECHO route then?
No, looking at the code and tests: echo, print, and <?= all end up
parsing to a ZEND_AST_ECHO_ESCAPE which emits a
ZEND_ECHO_ESCAPE op code when compiled. Only inline
html still compiles as ZEND_ECHO.
Which allows instances of `HtmlString` to pass straight through a
template without being modified (skipping the html_entities call).
IME once you provide an escape hatch, said hatch WILL be used. It's
not a question of IF.
For sure, mistakes can be made with any system, but this helps
dangerous code look *more* wrong: new HtmlString($username)
is obviously wrong. And it makes the correct things require little
to no extra code: <?= $username ?> is always safe.
For my part, I'd toss the idea of XHP (
https://docs.hhvm.com/hack/XHP/introduction ) back into consideration
over something like this.
XHP is pretty sweet, but I imagine there are a decent number of people
that don't consider using it because it is such a departure from
This approach has the smell of magic quotes which we got rid of for
very good reason. XHP is much more explicit in separating markup from
data and relies far less (not at all when you do it right) on escape
Huh, I don't see similarities to magic quotes at all. That had to do with
attempting to sanitize input data (plenty of problems with that). All
templating systems have a means of making the default output
mechanism perform escaping and a means of preventing that
escaping with, this adds the same for php templates.
Not the default (php) output but their default behavior when no specific
escape method (or filter/whatever else) has not been specified.

This is a huge difference with is proposed here.

Not sure about having such features in the core. It does sound like trying
to solve a real issue but using the wrong solution or in the wrong place.


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