Hi Phil,
On 16 March 2016 at 17:36, Phil Sturgeon wrote:

Hello everyone,

I have completed the draft for an RFC, to add Typed Properties. The
patch has been written by the one and only Joe Watkins.


I would really appreciate constructive feedback on this RFC, with a
few areas especially:

1. How scared are we that integers can be expanded to floats on runtime?

2. This whole temporary nullability situation, where unset properties
will error on attempted usage if not set. Should they instead error
after the constructor has been called if they are still not holding a

3. Weak vs Strict. Right now this is entirely strict, with no
declare() to change mode. Reasons for this vary, from various sources,
but include "Not sure how to implement it" and "Well people should not
be using properties as part of their public API".

Help on 3 would be appreciated.

Also let's please avoid "PHP IS TURNING INTO JAVA" and the other
rather common rhetoric. Strict Type Hinting might have been seen as a
battleground for fans of strict and fans of weak to fight through a
keyboard, but this RFC will not be the repeat.

We'll have a nice, orderly, constructive conversation about this RFC,
and improve the patch as you all provide feedback.

Let me know what you think folks!

I really love the RFC, thanks for working with Joe on this.

That said, I have a few quite common use-cases that arise and that are a
bit problematic, both because they are hacks and because they are actually
used in large projects.

Specifically, I'm worried about two particular use-cases:

  * unsetting properties
  * by-ref property assignment

To clarify, un-setting properties allows us to hide properties completely,
loading them on a per-usage basis:

class Foo
     public int $bar;
     public function __construct() {
         unset($this->bar); // is this operation legal? For BC compliance,
I'd expect that to be the case
     public function __get(string $name)
         initialize_properties_here($this); // external thing connecting to
db, loading files, yadda yadda

var_dump((new Foo())->bar); // what happens here? can
`initialize_properties_here` actually assign a non-int to `$bar`? Will the
type safety still work?

The by-ref property assignment is a bit trickier, but can probably be
worked around with some overhead (re-assigning).
Here's what is going on:

class Foo
     public int $bar;
     public function __construct() {
     public function __get(string $name)
         $this->bar = 123; // default value
         $props = ['bar' => & $this->bar]; // is this operation now
considered illegal?
         initialize_properties_here($props); // external thing connecting to
db, loading files, yadda yadda

In addition to these questions, I think that the reflection API also needs
a `ReflectionProperty#getType() : ReflectionType` addition in order for the
RFC to be complete.


Marco Pivetta



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