Thanks so much for taking this up Derick! :)

The mission points could be reworked a bit.
* Make everybody happier, especially those responsible for developing PHP itself.
This has a slight insinuation that non-internals/new people are
annoying to the core PHP team. Also, what makes one happy really
varies from person to person so this should be more specific. This
point should be moved to the bottom of the list and read:

"To level the expectations of everyone involved in order to reduce
unnecessary friction and improve the overall efficiency of the PHP
internals community".
* Help in making sure we all use our time more efficiently.
How about: "To create an efficient and inviting collaboration
environment" (This should be the first point)
* Prevent you from making a fool of yourself in public.
This one sounds angry. :) This would be better: "To lower the learning
curve for new potential contributors by aggregating tribal knowledge"
* Increase the general level of goodwill on planet Earth.
That seems a bit out of scope. :) I'd just remove this point.
* [..] It is better to be descriptive than to be concise.
* Write as much as is necessary, but as little as you can get away with.
These points seem to be contradictory. Perhaps we could further
explain these two points to disambiguate them a bit? Or perhaps merge
them together in the same point?
* Do not hijack threads, by bringing up entirely new topics. Please create an entirely new thread copying anything you wish to quote into the new thread.
* Don't hijack other peoples' threads. To post on a new topic, start a new message, don't reply and just change the subject.
These points are redundant so we should remove one of them.

Lastly the overall tone of the document could be bit more inviting,
especially since I can see this document being the entry point for new
contributors getting involved. Some of the sentences read like they
were written in frustration. I can send a PR to make it a bit softer
in spots if people agree on this point. :)

Great work on this so far Derick! :)

Sammy Kaye Powers

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