On Dec 6, 2015 11:32 PM, "Ferenc Kovacs" wrote:
2015. dec. 6. 13:15 ezt írta ("Jan Ehrhardt" <phpdev@ehrhardt.nl>):
See http://php.net/supported-versions.php

Will PHP 5.6 go into 'security fixes only' on 28 Aug 2015 with a end of
life on 28 Aug 2016? Or will we be postponing this a couple of months?

BTW: An end-of-life in Dec 2016 will be in line wih the EOL of OpenSSL
1.0.1: "Version 1.0.1 will be supported until 2016-12-31."

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Since the rfc for 5.7 failed the voting I've personally assumed that we
don't want to support the 5.x series after the normal lifecycle for 5.6:

Most of my arguments for 5.7 was the same as Zeev and orhers listed here in
this thread but the majority shared the opinion that the support left for
5.6 is sufficient and we shouldn't prolong the support for 5.x as it will
just delay the adoption for 7.0
Exactly. I am surprised to see ideas about postponing our fixed release

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