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2015. dec. 6. 13:15 ezt írta ("Jan Ehrhardt" <phpdev@ehrhardt.nl>):
See http://php.net/supported-versions.php

Will PHP 5.6 go into 'security fixes only' on 28 Aug 2015 with a end
of life on 28 Aug 2016? Or will we be postponing this a couple of

BTW: An end-of-life in Dec 2016 will be in line wih the EOL of
1.0.1: "Version 1.0.1 will be supported until 2016-12-31."

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Since the rfc for 5.7 failed the voting I've personally assumed that
we don't want to support the 5.x series after the normal lifecycle for

Most of my arguments for 5.7 was the same as Zeev and orhers listed
here in this thread but the majority shared the opinion that the
support left for
5.6 is sufficient and we shouldn't prolong the support for 5.x as it
will just delay the adoption for 7.0
I can't say anything as to what majorities think, but while I did not want
PHP 5.7 release, with the large amount of additional work and
fragmentation of focus it would have implied, this does not make me
adverse to extending the PHP 5.6 support cycle. I would go as far as
that us not having done a PHP 5.7 release is an argument in favor of
prolonging support for PHP 5.6, not the reverse.
I agree completely.

Ferenc - the way I see it, 5.7 actually had little to do with the arguments
I brought up. I believe that the main reason 5.7 was opposed (at least I
can at least speak for myself) is that people felt it wasn't a good idea to
divide our attention from delivering 7.0, something that 5.7 (even if the
only new features were forward compatibility, and more realistically -
packing extra features) would have done.
And this focus should remain as either fixes in 7.0.x and upcoming
features for 7.1 are not going to slow down. This will remain true for
all 7.x lifetime.

Also for everyone, php 5.6 is already planed to EOL in middle of 2017,

I suppose there is confusion between "active" support and EOL. I think
moving 5.6 to security only next year (or some critical blocking bugs
on a case by case bases, RMs deciding) should remain untouched. June
2017 for EOL looks fine to me as well and I see no appealing to reason
to change that.
Sebastian - while it's obvious that us supporting PHP 5.6 for a while longer
does have some effect on migration to 7.0, realistically, we can't force
millions of people to upgrade on our own timeline if it's too short
Many users won't migrate to 7 any time soon, no matter what we do.
Other needs more time, 1-2 years, and they are the ones we should take
care of. And this is what we do right now already.

For them, everything is too short, but for reasons outside php.net's
control. This is why many of us wanted 5.7, to provide an easier
transition post 5.6 for those not able to move to 7 in the next two

Now it is proposed to still do it with 5.6 starting to make exceptions
to our release cycles, despite the rejection of 5.7 earlier this year
to push 7 out. I do not see that as a good move, besides the very
disputable change in how things are presented now, much more as a bad
precedent. Distributions can take care of it after 2017 if necessary,
that's what they kept doing with 5.3/4 and will do with 5.5 as well,
even if the differences between them and 5.6 are smaller than 5.x and


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