On Dec 5, 2015 1:01 AM, "Sebastian Bergmann" wrote:
Am 04.12.2015 um 18:53 schrieb Florian Anderiasch:
I hate to say it, but not providing an official Windows build is kind of
sticking the finger to everyone using Windows for PHP (not the language)
Sorry, but that does not explain the special treatment of Windows.
Red Hat provides official PHP binaries for RHEL and Fedora. Ubuntu
provides official PHP binaries for Ubuntu. etc. Why should Microsoft
not provide the official PHP binaries for Windows?
Sorry Sebastian but this is getting annoying now.

What is the problem? 2h delay due to openssl and absolutely not about
windows? That this build and tests have found numerous issues, some other
critical, on most supported platforms (read: not only windows). Or
something else?

We do that since more than 13 years and all of a sudden it is a problem?
Big enough to annoy the RMs the day they have dozen of other things to deal
with? Seriously?

It has been a community efforts to support Windows binaries on windows
along all dependencies used by php. Since years.

The initial effort was to ensure binaires compatibility for Windows. Before
that we, the developers doing the support, QA, etc spent an insane amount
of time debugging issues caused by incompatible binaries.

In the meantime, it happens that Microsoft fund the windows support through
Anatol, Steve, Matt and me. This support goes way behind windows only. Be
from a QA point of view, portability (all platforms), fixing the core, core
exts as well as other exts, on all supported platforms. Including the first
automated perf regression testing or static analyze. Along other amazingly
useful reports.

It became part of the release process years ago. A natural and painless
move. Beneficial to all php users (read: windows or not). I never saw you
jumping in and complain about that. And again, the QA part of this process
is a key point. It should be something you, especially you, must understand.

You want to kick out windows binaries of php.net? Go ahead with a rfc. If
you have nothing constructive to do and so much spare time to do something
as destructive and poisoning as that, even if the rfc fails.

On the other hand, I would suggest you in the most friendly way to consider
to contribute to the core in other ways.


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